About the Broker Comex

Broker Comex is a company providing services of Customs / Logistics Assistance and Consulting for Import and Export operations, aiming to meet the needs of your clients yielding reliability and safety for each business.

The broad experience of its partners in the Foreign Trade area gave birth to the company, where – along their professional careers – they have always stood out for their knowledge and competence to present logistic solutions to improve the outcome of Import and Export operations, as well as good strategic planning for increasing business.

We believe it is essential to always seek improvement before a competitive market; the company taking the lead is that which innovates on its processes on behalf of constant growth and dynamism. As a result of the mindset and action, we have consolidated great cases of success with our clients.


Our team consists of Experienced and Professional Updated deftly to meet the needs of each client in import and export operations. Below is a brief history of the Broker Comex Directors.

Douglas Campos

Douglas Campos

Business Director

Nowadays, he is the Business Director of Broker Comex, where he is active in the development of New Businesses, Marketing, and conquering new clients. His huge, full above-fifteen-year experience in the Foreign Trade area has directly contributed for Broker Comex’s clients’ business success, where customized solutions are presented for each operation, which brings about success, timeliness, competitiveness, and consequently, client satisfaction.
He directly participated in Projects for Results Improvement in such large companies as Firmenich, Agfa, PQU, Bravox, Monsanto, and Yingli Solar, where he worked with Operations Consulting and Mapping services on behalf of improvement in the Operational Flows and cost reduction in the Supply Chain.

Vicente Santos Junior

Vicente Santos Junior

Operational Director

Operational Director at Broker Comex, having broad experience in his curriculum at dealing with Operations Management, where he actively participated in several Import, Export, and Drawback Management operations, among other Special Regimes.
He is greatly looked up to by clients, owing to his broad knowledge on Customs Legislation and Logistic Procedures, where he presents solutions and ideas to foster businesses and increase Operations outcome out of cost reduction and delivery speed.
Large corporations, such as Sabaf, Yingli Solar, and Grupo Pão de Açúcar approve of his excellent work and commitment to results.

Our Philosophy

The Broker Comex is a company that values the completion of the job well done and follows a line of thinking that gives us a guideline of ethical and professional contuda.


Provide advice and customs assistance to importers and exporters, providing the necessary support and offering practical solutions through our knowledge and expertise. In this way, understanding and meeting customer needs and ensuring success in running processes.


Have international recognition as Operations Management model in the areas of import and export, for their competence, ethics, fair price and service excellence.


Transparency, Honesty, Reliability

Head Zone

  • Avenida Doutor Gastão Vidigal 1132 (Soho Office) Conjunto 503 - Bloco A
    Vila Leopoldina - São Paulo - SP - Brasil
    CEP 05314-000
    Phone: +55 11 2935-0469
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  • Rua Brás Cubas 03, 7˚ andar -
    Conjunto 14
    Centro - Santos - SP - Brasil
    CEP 11013-161
    Phone: +55 13 3394-3325
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