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We work with Consulting and Advisory in Foreign Trade Operations, with selected partners and own structure to provide excellent service to their customers. Through an extensive know-how, we conducted their export and import operations worldwide. Our dedication and commitment makes us a recognized company and approved by our customers which we operate directly on the business results that involve and require knowledge of strategies to reduce costs and speed of delivery of goods. Specializes in all types of cargo - the Broker Comex follows the rigid procedure of control of operations required by the IRS and its Regulatory Instructions (IN), thus obtaining greater productivity, agility and accuracy of the services provided. We have extensive experience in the areas of Import and Export, where through the good relationship with the Customs ensure the good performance of operations.

Over the years, we won the trust of our customers / partners becoming reference in Foreign Trade Operations Management. We present efficient solutions to increase business in several market segments, offering the following advantages:

  • Operating Systems for Foreign Trade Process Management;
  • Specialized and Experienced professionals;
  • Mapping of import and export operations;
  • Bilateral Working instruction in Operations Management;
  • Process standardization.



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  • Avenida Doutor Gastão Vidigal 1132 (Soho Office) Conjunto 503 - Bloco A
    Vila Leopoldina - São Paulo - SP - Brasil
    CEP 05314-000
    Phone: +55 11 2935-0469
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  • Rua Brás Cubas 03, 7˚ andar -
    Conjunto 14
    Centro - Santos - SP - Brasil
    CEP 11013-161
    Phone: +55 13 3394-3325
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