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Wellington Paschoal, CEO

Everlast Energy Drink

"Broker Comex is a partner that has passed on great trust to us from the very beginning for their transparence at negotiation time. In order to catch our eye, it was really easy, for the tools they use to reduce our costs are very attractive; also they deliver beyond expectations. We are very happy at what we can see from Broker Comex. They are, before anything and beyond competence, fair when charging for their services! Working with Broker Comex is surprising, for the broad knowledge their professionals have makes business go on smoothly where they work in all phases of operations, with resourcefulness and commitment. Congratulations and Thank you!"

Markus Vlasits, Executive Director

Yingli Green Energy do Brasil, S.A.

"Yingli do Brasil, photovoltaic panel market leader, has trusted in Broker’s services since it came to life. Whether importing panels, goods storage, or Radar qualification – we have always worked with Broker. Broker has been a synonym for competitiveness, speed, and professionalism. They have helped us find customized, intelligent solutions for our clients. May Broker continue growing and getting stronger – Broker rocks!"

Roberlei Bueno de Oliveira, Business Director

Mamuth Mangueiras

"In the past, when we imported, our costs were much higher than the current ones owing to lack of clearness in the processes. After we settled our partnership with Broker Comex, everything changed for the better; the strength of such partnership – in addition to reduced costs – is Broker Comex’s personnel closeness, making it clear as about everything that occurs in the operations, in a clear, objective way. Congratulations, Broker Comex; keep on like this!"

Klinger Monteiro


"Broker Comex Solutions is a competent, earnest company providing a fully transparent service targeting the client, and it is always present, active towards our needs. I am proud to be able to rely on seasoned, qualified service providers and on the expertise foreign trade demands day after day."

Head Zone

  • Avenida Doutor Gastão Vidigal 1132 (Soho Office) Conjunto 503 - Bloco A
    Vila Leopoldina - São Paulo - SP - Brasil
    CEP 05314-000
    Phone: +55 11 2935-0469
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  • Rua Brás Cubas 03, 7˚ andar -
    Conjunto 14
    Centro - Santos - SP - Brasil
    CEP 11013-161
    Phone: +55 13 3394-3325
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